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Individuals: In Food Shape, people are guided to a healthy lifestyle, both individually and in groups.

Companies: Storytelling, nudging programs and lectures for awareness and behavioural change.

No More Dieting!

Websites that pretend to have the truth about food and lifestyle are enough. I find That remarkable, because we all look different from the outside, so it would be naive to believe that we are identical on the inside. One person is in sight, and the other is in sight. That calls for a different type of glasses. It is also with food and lifestyle.

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The repeat recipe

I love good food, and I want to stay healthy. That’s Why I’m looking for nice blijvertjes, which are also good for my body. Who can I better consult with doctors, nutritionists and food experts who cook their own dishes that are open to recurrence? A repeat recipe! Recently swapped Hanno Arrow, Professor Diabetology LUMC his doctor’s coat for the kitchen apron. Eshter of Acids, Dermatologist LUMC, put an extra sign for me on their table. What am I still a lucky guy! Click here for the Kookvlog.

Tip of the Veil:

My next kookvlog is planned with a doctor from Maastricht. Tip of the Veil: as ‘ The Doc ‘ on social media, he regularly places tips on a healthy lifestyle. But I still do not have anything. Keep an eye on the website or subscribe to the newsletter!


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Bite you in oral health

Brushing Your teeth Well, and getting started daily with floss and toothbrushes, not only creates a nice fresh mouth. More importantly, it contributes to your health, and reduces the risk of diseases like rheumatism, pneumonia, and diabetes. Therefore: Bite you in oral health. This was my lifestyle chat with the radio last Saturday. Because on 20 March is the International Mouth Health Day.

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Periodic fasting: Boost for your health

Who ever invented that we should eat at least three times every day, and also have some snacks? Perhaps this has grown culturally. But there are more and more sounds that question these habits: Periodic fasting as a boost for your health.

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